Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer those burning questions!


Yes! We have this handy instagram post explaining our pricing in the first place , but we do love a good sale.

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Yes! We always offer 100% money back guarantees on your purchases because we want your experience to be as great as we believe it can be. We will usually offer replacements first to make up for any mistakes, but refunds are no sweat.

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Not yet! But we are always exploring options to get our products into as many hands as possible, including shipping solutions.

Unfortunately shipping our perishable items didn't fare so well when we trialed it in the Fall of 2020- the couriers were so unreliable and lost/delayed too many packages. It was also very challenging and find any sort of eco friendly + cost effective insulated shipping materials. We decided to pause shipping for the time being but are working to secure a distributor this year to make shopping for our products on shelves near you much easier.


Yes! Although we haven't applied for official certification yet, our cheeses are 100% vegan. Including the probiotics we use to ferment them.

Yes! None of the ingredients used to make any of our cheeses contain gluten. However, the facility we use has the potential for cross contamination as it is not a designated GF facility. 

Cheese Wheels: The best before dates are marked 4 weeks out from the final day of production. You can always freeze to extend shelf life.

Ricotta Clouds & Melty Mozza: As fresh cheeses (non fermented) with no preservatives, these products have a best before date marked 2 weeks out from production. Ricotta does freeze well, Mozza not so much.

Yes! Our 5 signature cheese wheels freeze wonderfully for up to 6 months to extend shelf life. Once defrosted in the fridge-- the taste, texture, and probiotic benefits uphold their integrity.

Ricotta Clouds freeze and defrost wonderfully as well, but Melty Mozza not so much.

Our 5 signature cheese wheels are free from dairy, soy, gluten, corn, coconut oil and all but the Orange Apricot are free from added sugars.

Ricotta Clouds is free from dairy, gluten, corn, and added sugar. 

All our products do contain nuts (varies between cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts) and nutritional yeast.

And Ricotta Clouds does contain soy and coconut oil. We use almonds instead of cashews for this product.

Absolutely! Our signature cheese wheels can be cooked with like goat cheese or cream cheese would. They can be watered down into a cheesy cream sauce for pasta or stuffed in delectable appetizers. 

*The only caveat when baking the cheese, say on pizza for example, is to add it on in the last 5 minutes of cooking-- just to warm and soften. If you bake the cheeses for too long they can become golden brown and less hydrated. 

Ricotta Clouds can be cooked in any of the ways traditional ricotta is used.